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Sara Davis, Mrs. Carrollton Texas
2019 Mrs. Texas contestant


Sara Davis

2019 Mrs. Texas contestant

God gave us the gift of life; it’s up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.


I am a firm advocate for self-care. I believe that many of our health conditions are avoidable when we are educated on our past, present and options for healing. Education brings power and power brings motivation. When we feel powerful, we begin to manifest the success traits of
  • self-discipline
  • consistency
  • creativity
  • healthy boundaries
  • confidence
  • joy

Wellness reaches far beyond eating a great salad or a trip to the gym, it requires that we work daily to bring balance to our lives and integrate every aspect of who we are spirit, soul and body so we can reproduce a higher, healthier version of ourselves. There is a rapid increase in sickness, disease, mental health conditions and relational breakdown. It’s easy to blame it on

“the system”

and feel victimized by what is easily accessible to us, but it's more rewarding to access freedom through education and knowledge, then share that power with others.