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Sara Davis, Mrs. Carrollton Texas
2019 Mrs. Texas contestant

My Platform

Sara Davis

2019 Mrs. Texas contestant

Women are the foundation of every family, society and community. Our health and well-being are a direct reflection of our beliefs, daily habits and relationships. The saying,

if mama ain’t happy, then nobody is happy

rings true and translates to the impact that a woman has on her environment. Likewise,

if mama ain’t healthy, then nobody is healthy.

Somewhere between past life experiences and the cultural pressure of unrealistic images and expectations, women have been objectified and trained to believe that they are not enough. This message shows up in
  • relationships
  • the workplace
  • cultural definitions of beauty
  • social interactions

– it ultimately becomes engrained in the minds of women of all ages. While our male counterparts have their own set of stresses, my deepest concern lies with what is in the hearts, minds and bodies of women. Science has proven that most diseases are a direct result of stress in the body. With that being the case, the ability to begin the healing process is easily accessible.

"What Makes You Think" Campaign

My "What Makes You Think" campaign was founded on the philosophy that it is our belief system that dictates our choices, our health and how we show up in relationship with others. Answering the question “What makes you think….?" is one of the first steps for anyone who is beginning a wellness journey. In the answer lies the secret to personal discovery, power and freedom.