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Sara Davis, Mrs. Carrollton Texas
2019 Mrs. Texas contestant

Faith & Family

Sara Davis

2019 Mrs. Texas contestant

My mother

was the spiritual pillar of our family. Thelma Porter Parros made sure that everyone in the house participated in church and had the opportunity to know God. I believe that OT was her faith that made her physical beauty radiate - her personality and intelligence were undeniably magnetic. She was a woman of influence, where it afforded her the support of her peers and gave her the opportunity to be chosen as the first African American to integrate the pageant would as Miss Subway New York in 1948. It was an event that brought a great sense of accomplishment and encouragement to the African American community. Like myself, my siblings Mike, Rick and Peter have all reaped the benefits of my mother’s faith and are living lives that honor God.

My father

has also influenced my development. Leo Parros has always been a hard-working, creative, entrepreneur who never failed to show me the value of refining my craft. He instilled a belief in me that if you work hard, no one can deny you an opportunity. Like my mother, he also had the privilege of contributing to American history by receiving a Congressional Medal of Honor as one of the first African American men to integrate the United States Marines.

My husband

is a strong man of faith, influence and character. Keith and I have been members of Covenant Church in Carrollton, TX since 1989. We served for several years on the pastoral staff organizing the church’s community outreach efforts. We have two amazing boys - Josiah and Daniel.

Josiah and Daniel,

who are brilliant young men. Our sons are living proof that the best of our family’s legacy are –
  • faith
  • creativity
  • influence
  • strength

– will be multiplied as they continue to grow and pursue their dreams.