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Sara Davis, Mrs. Carrollton Texas
2019 Mrs. Texas contestant

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When you looked in the mirror this morning, what did you see and what did you say to yourself? If it was anything less than, “You are amazing and you are enough,” then you may want to consider this fact. If God himself did not demand your presence, then you simply would not exist. Unlike the limited, temporary concoctions that man manufactures, God creates only what is necessary, brilliant, purposeful and powerful. Think about it, everything God creates is bursting with life and potential. Regardless of the circumstances, lifestyle or drama that we conjured up, let us never lose sight on the fact that we were created in Gods image and we have a right to reflect His greatness.

What right do you have not to be great?

Nelson Mandela

Being free to express emotions can be the key to preventing a long list of diseases. When we don’t allow ourselves the freedom to outwardly express anger, ear, pain and even love, we internalize the energy. Expressing every emotion is something that we need to embrace, It will benefit ourselves and others. It is in those moments of expression that we choose to live our lives from the inside out. Be honest and be healthy!

The feeling that cannot find a way of expression may cause other organs to weep.

Dr. Mordly

We often find ourselves walking around the same mountain in one or two areas of our lives. It’s easy to look at our circumstances and blame past life experiences or others for the consequences of our poor habits, after all, we did it because they.... Self-help is impossible if we are not self-aware.  Let’s wake up and start taking responsibility for our part. It’s in ownership that we will  find a new path.

Nothing will work unless you do.

Maya Angelou

People who truly excel in life are not just  those  who have had opportunities handed to them, but also those who have worked and survived hardship, loss  and failure. Oh, how easy it is to praise outcomes and overlook the process. One important perspective shift is best quoted by the late Dr. Edwin Louis Cole: “Winners look at what they’re going to and losers look at what they’re going through.” Opportunities to excel are always before us. The question is “How will you answer when they come knocking on your door?”

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Dr. Edwin Louis Cole

When we think of practice, we usually think of perfecting a physical skill. Rarely do we consider our thoughts, feeling and attitudes as something we “practice.” But in reality, anything that we do repetitively is a “practice.” And anything that we practice long enough we often master. Physically it’s called muscle memory. Mentally it’s called meditation, positive thinking or worry.

Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent.

Linda Taylor